• Repercussions of a Percussionist
  • The hand matters...then surface beneath can pave way to rhythm


Djembe making its path into the Traditional Indian Classical World Father n Son at NCPA Tata Theatre Outstanding Achievement Award honored by Smt Usha Mangeshkar Shikhar Naad -School days Student family of Taufiq RAWR at the ISL 2014 MumbaiStamp Dhoom2 Geetika at Trafalgar Festival hosted by the Mayor of London
Taufiq getting a peck from his illustrious father
in his nappy days The great family in all its splendour  Taufiq getting a sacred thread (ganda bandhan)
tied by his guru and father Ustad Allarakha Taufiq performing before Ustad Allarakha
on Guru Pournima Taufiq Accompanying Geetika The three generation having a closed wall discussion Taufiq passing on finer points on percussions 
to Shikhar Naad The Four Generations Of Rhythm Taufiq with Giovanni Hidalgo At the launch of Album Bombay Fever
at the hands of Singer Sonu Nigam and Film Maker Rakyeh Mehra Geetika's album ROOH launched by Zakir Bhai With the Legendary Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar
at the Common Wealth Performance at Melbourne